YouTube TV Adds Game Show Network (GSN) to Live Channel Lineup



Google and Game Show Network (GSN) recently announced the inclusion of GSN in YouTube TV’s live channel lineup. This move brings popular family shows like Family Feud to YouTube TV subscribers. The addition of GSN is part of a distribution agreement, and getTV is also included, providing a diverse range of entertainment to YouTube TV customers. Tim Carry, Executive Vice President Distribution for Sony Cine, Game Show Network, and getTV, expressed excitement about this collaboration. While YouTube TV is geo-restricted to the USA, users outside the country can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to access the added content. GSN, the first channel exclusively dedicated to game shows, offers non-stop family-friendly game-related content. Meanwhile, getTV, backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, focuses on beloved TV series, including classics and fan favorites.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

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