The Walking Dead: Origins


The Walking Dead: Origins

Release Date: 2021-07-15
Original Language: English
User Score: 7.804/10 (475 votes)
Popularity: 48.318
Genres: Documentary
Where to watch: 美國 US / United States:AMC+ Amazon ChannelAMC+ Amazon Channel, AMC+ Roku Premium ChannelAMC+ Roku Premium Channel

Overview: The Walking Dead: Origins is a series of specials exploring the journeys of the series' most celebrated characters. Each episode charts the story of the zombie apocalypse from the point of view of a single character and features new interviews and narrations from the actors that portray these iconic characters, interwoven with clips from the most pivotal moments of their journeys so far.

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A Review by SilkyChrissy
Written on 2022-11-22

Watching the last episode it was so sad I enjoy this serious of The Walking Dead. I can't wait to watch the new Walking Dead dead City 2023 I cannot wait I'm so excited

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