Hulu’s ‘History of the World Part II’: Comedians Unleash Laughter

The Hulu Series ‘History of the World Part II’: How the Comedians Let It All Hang Out

Hulu’s ‘History of the World Part II’ sparks discussions around “cancel culture,” but showrunner David Stassen emphasizes that all ideas were considered during development. One skit, involving intimacy during Pompeii’s eruption, was omitted due to prior coverage. The series, a sequel to Mel Brooks’ 1981 movie, follows a successful model, featuring a stellar cast including Nicholas Kroll, Isaac Barinholtz, and Wanda Sykes. Comedians proposed concepts, such as Wanda Sykes portraying Shirley Chisholm in a throwback sitcom. The show’s structure expanded with 20- to 30-minute stories, ranking sixth in Parrot Analytics during its launch week. Barinholtz encourages viewers to “unplug and watch some silly shit,” offering relief from the world’s heaviness. The collaborative efforts promise an entertaining blend of history and humor in ‘History of the World Part II.’ Tune in to Hulu for a laughter-filled experience.

Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett

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