Netflix’s Pacific Rim Anime “Pacific Rim: The Black” Confirmed for March 2021 Release

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Netflix’s highly anticipated Pacific Rim anime series, “Pacific Rim: The Black,” is set to premiere on Thursday, March 4th, 2021. The series, produced by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle, will consist of four episodes with a runtime of approximately 24 minutes each. Polygon Images, known for its work on anime series like Knights of Sidonia and Drifting Dragons, is the animation studio behind the project. “Pacific Rim: The Black” follows two siblings, Taylor and Hayley, who utilize a giant mecha Jaeger to traverse the continent in search of their missing parents as kaiju emerge from the sea and wreak havoc on Australia. The anime is set in the same timeline as the live-action Pacific Rim movies, and two seasons are planned for production. The release date announcement has heightened excitement among fans eagerly awaiting this anime adaptation.

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Rachel Bennett

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