Netflix Unveils Gripping Documentary on Crime: Unraveling the Saga of Fake MySpace Accounts

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An enthralling new documentary is set to hit Netflix, delving into the realm of crime surrounding fake MySpace accounts. The documentary unfolds the compelling narrative of Belinda Lane, a mother driven by the mission to bring her daughter’s killers to justice.

The tragic incident occurred in February 2016 when Crystal Theobald, Belinda’s 24-year-old daughter, fell victim to a shooting orchestrated by gang members. Fueled by grief and determination, Belinda embarked on a relentless quest for justice, fueled by the promise she made to her daughter to unveil the truth and ensure the perpetrators faced the consequences.

For a decade, Belinda dedicated herself to the pursuit of justice, following the trail of fake MySpace accounts and unraveling the intricate web of deception surrounding the crime. The documentary promises a gripping narrative that explores the complexities of the case and the resilience of a mother seeking justice for her daughter.


why did you kill me

Rachel Bennett

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