Last Night of Amore


Last Night of Amore

Release Date: 2023-03-09
Original Language: Italian
User Score: 7.200/10 (405 votes)
Popularity: 27.766
Genres: Thriller, Crime
Where to watch: 美國 US / United States:

Overview: On the night before his retirement, police lieutenant Franco Amore is called to investigate the death of a long-time partner of his in a diamond heist in which he was involved.

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A Review by MovieGuys
Written on 2023-06-27

Generally I like Italian cinema which is why its unfortunate that I can't get behind Last Night of Amore. Lets start with the positives. The characterisations have depth. They come across as real people, with real motivations. That said, this is also part of the problem with this film, which I'll get to. The acting is top notch and the chemistry, especially between the main character and his wife, is deeply intimate and convincing. Cinematic's set this production apart. Great images of Italy, it architecture, city life and more.Visuals are used to effect to create an atmosphere that fits in well, with the crime, thriller vibe. Now to the downside. The motivations of the main character are more than a little at odds, with who he is supposed to be. He's portrayed as a cop, who according to his wife, "follows the rules". He's also a senior, veteran detective. Its therefore not unreasonable to see him as astute and street savvy. Why then, does he naively waltz into a relationship, with pretty blatantly Asian underworld figures, who he claims seem like solid citizens. Yes, greed's an obvious motive but its not clear that he's going to get what he wants from the exchange and as has been established, he's painted as a straight arrow, who plays by the book. In short, its unconvincing. I could not get past these jarring contradictions. Had more care been taken with the story, to craft a character who motivations made sense. For example a sick wife perhaps and a desperate need for expensive medical care, would have overcome the otherwise antithetical aspects of this story in summary, yet another missed opportunity. Great cast, great acting, great atmosphere let down by a clumsy story, that simply doesn't convince.

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