Demon Slayer Shatters Records: Surpasses 10 Billion Yen Mark in Just 10 Days

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The animated film “Demon Slayer” has achieved unprecedented success, breaking box office records by surpassing the 10 billion yen mark in a mere 10 days. This remarkable feat outpaced the iconic 2001 film “Spirited Away,” which took 25 days to reach the same milestone. Adapted from a popular manga series, “Demon Slayer” follows the story of a boy battling demons in historical Japan. The film garnered immense popularity, attracting nearly 8 million viewers and earning 10.7 billion yen from October 16 to 25. The distributor attributes the film’s triumph to the widespread appeal of the original comic book, coupled with the success of its TV series adaptation. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Demon Slayer” has capitalized on its availability on numerous screens at a time when film options are limited. This accomplishment marks the first Japanese movie since 2019’s “Weathering With You” to surpass the 10 billion yen milestone.

Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett

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