Every dream team starts somewhere.

Release Date: 2023-03-09
Original Language: English
User Score: 6.816/10 (320 votes)
Popularity: 30.488
Genres: Comedy, Drama
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Overview: A stubborn and hotheaded minor league basketball coach is forced to train a Special Olympics team when he is sentenced to community service.

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A Review by CinemaSerf
Written on 2023-03-23

Have you seen "The Shiny Shrimps" (2019)? Well this reminded me very much of that comedy effort as Woody Harrelson portrays the disgraced basketball coach "Marcus". After one altercation too many on the court, he is ordered by a judge to do some community service coaching a group of young children with learning difficulties. Right from the start, he hates the idea. They have precious little team skills, hand-eye co-ordination, and the only one who is any way competent refuses to have anything to do with him. Luckily, "Johnny" (Kevin Iannucci) has a big sister "Alex" (Kaitlin Olson) who manages to get the coach to commit and focus more on the team - and, well you can easily guess the rest. This is one of those life-affirming films that is well written with loads of characters and dry - frequently pretty black - humour. The thing has an inevitability to it, but like the "Shrimps" it's about inclusion. It's about making sure everyone gets a chance to take part, to enjoy, to thrive - teamwork, family (meatloaf - yuk!) and a genuine sense of celebration feature increasingly and effectively. It isn't a film you will remember for long, it's entirely formulaic - but Harrelson and Iannucci are on good form and I did enjoy it.

A Review by Manuel São Bento
Written on 2023-05-17

MORE SPOILER-FREE MINI REVIEWS @ "Champions is one of those feel-good sports flicks designed to leave viewers with a smile on their faces. A beautiful, heartwarming example of how formulaic stories can indeed be elevated by the filmmakers and actors involved. Bobby Farrelly focuses on an inclusive cast, allowing everyone a moment to shine, taking advantage of the endless charisma emanating from Woody Harrelson and Kaitlin Olson to help with the most complex dialogues. An essential, insightful, informative film about people with intellectual disabilities that everyone should allocate some of their time to watch." Rating: B-

A Review by reviewravet
Written on 2023-05-27

* This has to be one of the only movies I hate with a passion. I, myself, am not psychically disabled, so I don't feel directly offended by this films pre-snarky, and downright criminal sense of humor. Every second it feels like _Harrelson_ has sex. The first scene starts by implying that the two characters on screen "did it." The film tries to make its "steamy moments" feel romantic but it just feels awkward. _Harrelson_ and many others characters make fun of the disabled people. The message of _Champions_ is to try no matter what your disability is, but the whole entire time they make fun of anyone who is not "normal." (0/10 Do not watch.)

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