Candy Cane Lane


Candy Cane Lane
Be careful what you wish for.

Release Date: 2023-11-29
Original Language: English
User Score: 6.121/10 (327 votes)
Popularity: 30.063
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Where to watch: 美國 US / United States:Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video

Overview: A man, determined to win the neighborhood's annual Christmas decorating contest, makes a pact with an elf to help him win. However, the elf casts a spell bringing the twelve days of Christmas to life, bringing chaos to the small, unsuspecting town.

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A Review by r96sk
Written on 2023-12-12

I didn't actually mind <em>'Candy Cane Lane'</em>, but I can't exactly say it's a good movie though. Many positives I do not have for this 2023 release, a perfect word for it all really is simply: meh. Eddie Murphy is fine (if nowhere near top form), his onscreen family are alright, the comedy is average, the Xmas vibes are OK, the concept is solid enough. It just doesn't excite. The 2hr run time is damaging, this is a 90 minute story all day long. The bits with the animated miniature characters are this film's best moments, but even then that feature isn't utilised the best - Nick Offerman feels wasted in his role there, likewise with David Alan Grier near the end to be honest. Timothy Simons and Danielle Pinnock as Emerson & Kit are satisfactory in relatively small parts, even if they do feel like a knock-off version of Cotton & Pepper... iykyk. A snappier length and a more energetically told/acted story and I'd have enjoyed this, without that it is sadly quite lacklustre.

Alex Turner

Alex Turner

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