Bridgerton Season 2 Smashes Netflix Records: Most-Watched English-Language Series

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Netflix is celebrating as Bridgerton Season 2 claims the title of the most-watched English-language series on the platform, accumulating a staggering 627.11 million hours viewed in just 28 days. This success follows closely behind the first season, solidifying Bridgerton’s dominance in the streaming world.

Originally released around Christmas in 2020, Season 1 set the stage for anticipation surrounding a new season. Season 2, launched on March 25, 2022, exceeded expectations, with viewership surpassing its predecessor.

Fans showered praise on the chemistry between Kate and Anthony, affectionately dubbed “Kanthony,” contributing to the season’s triumph. Alongside the 28-day record, the season notched an additional 66.61 million hours and secured a spot in the Top 10 in more than 88 countries (as of April 17, 2022).

Despite Bridgerton’s remarkable success, it falls short of the South Korean sensation Squid Game, which boasts a colossal 1.65 billion hours of viewership in its first 28 days.

Bridgerton Season 2 revolves around the royal Bridgerton family’s romantic endeavors in 19th-century glamour. The plot focuses on Anthony’s quest for a suitable bride, encountering obstacles and unexpected love with Kate Sharma.

The current top 10 English-language series on Netflix includes The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Anatomy of a Scandal, Bridgerton Season 1, Our Great National Parks, Investing Anna, Queen of the South Season 5, Better Call Saul Season 5, Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, and Is It Cake?: Season 1.

Despite the absence of official confirmation for Season 3, Bridgerton’s unparalleled success suggests a promising future with potential renewals. Stay tuned for updates on this record-breaking series.

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