Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside.

Release Date: 2022-11-23
Original Language: English
User Score: 8.480/10 (8291 votes)
Popularity: 154.479
Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy
Where to watch: US US / United States:Netflix, Netflix basic with AdsNetflix basic with Ads

Overview: Wednesday Addams is sent to Nevermore Academy, a bizarre boarding school where she attempts to master her psychic powers, stop a monstrous killing spree of the town citizens, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago — all while navigating her new relationships.

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A Review by UtileDulci
Written on 2022-12-02

Wednesday Mary Sue Addams, I counted at least 10 things she's perfect at. If not for the woke ideology being pushed, this could be a very good tv series. Steer clear.

A Review by Nate Richardson
Written on 2023-01-10

Wednesday's plot focuses on it's surface between the balance of power between normal everyday people (Like you and I), and (I don't know a better way to put it) cryptid kids; Wednesday (played by Jenna Ortega) is part of the latter (obviously). As the plot thickens, we find out that power struggle between the groups has been ingrained in everyone for generations. You may even say it's been institutionalized since the community's inception. People can read into this however they want; what really matters is if it works or not. Given that the kids are literally werewolves, sirens, medusas and other cryptid creatures of lore, it is my opinion if you feel this dynamic is only in place to make you feel fragile, than you need to (in the words of my grandfather) 'get a tougher skin'. Honestly, it's a TV show, are you that wounded? As these kids are in fact literally and physically outcasts to our society, their struggles being so and trying to fit in work in this story. I believe because Wednesday isn't physically a cryptid people expected something else. She's always been, along with her whole family obviously not normal and thus outcasts like the rest. What I really enjoyed about this is the dynamic between Jenna and the un-talking member of the Adams' family, Thing (physically played by **Victor Dorobantu**). The actor wears a green suite except for his hand and contorts his way through every scene. The result is a way more realistic human hand running around than any CGI could have ever done. I also love the duplicity between Wednesday and her trying-to-be / would-be warewolf roommate, Endid (joyfully played by **Emma Myers**). There are honestly quite a few very likeable supporting characters that make the gloom and doom (that I love) from the main character and balance it into something even more plateable. If your nostalgic for the kooky family, the show has plenty of fan service that isn't too blatant (at least not for everything all the time). You get the finger snaps, you get Christina Ricci (for those 90's kids fans), and you get a pretty accurate Adams Family as compared to the original source material. I believe the plots mystery will keep people engaged enough (it's no Knives Out or Glass Onion), but combine that with the strength of the characters and you get a really great TV show worth re-watching; which is personally one of the highest praise I can put on a TV series. Highly recommended!

A Review by ProPriyam
Written on 2023-02-08

One of those hard to endure type fantasy shows. Unnecessary and often predictably silly dialogues, bizarre character relations and motivations, shallow plot. On the bright side the show does get bearable with time plus some great cello music selection.

A Review by numerology company name
Written on 2023-02-08

The show takes viewers on a journey into the mind of Wednesday Addams, exploring her eerie and supernatural world as she grows into her own. The writing is sharp and witty, with a cast of endearing and frightening characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The special effects and production design are top-notch, fully immersing viewers into Wednesday's spooky and fantastical world. Overall, I highly recommend Wednesday for fans of the macabre and those looking for a fresh and exciting take on the Addams Family franchise. Don't miss out on this standout series stunning Gleaming Aura!"

A Review by Crazypiglady
Written on 2023-03-24

Watchable with some good messages and some good lines although the grumpy teenager became a bit tiresome. I felt it was rather a missed opportunity given the large source material available. Or maybe there wasn't enough to Wednesday's character to extend beyond being gloomy for 8 episodes. A good level of humanity given most characters aren't human.



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