Google’s Special Deal: Netflix Pays Only 10% on Google Play

But Netflix went its own way.

During the Epic v. Google trial, it emerged that Netflix, like Spotify, negotiated a special 2017 deal. Google offered Netflix a 10% discount on Android in-app payments, letting Netflix retain 90% of revenue. This revelation is part of Epic Games’ lawsuit against Google over in-app purchase fees, impacting Google’s app store future.

Previously, Netflix paid Google 15% for Android in-app subscriptions. Netflix’s VP Paul Perryman mentioned Netflix once had its own payment method, paying about 3%, discontinued by Google. Google proposed a unique 10% deal, “LRAP++,” exclusive to Netflix, requiring a global commitment to Google Play Billing. Netflix declined, directing users to subscribe via a mobile browser.

While Spotify’s specifics weren’t disclosed, it’s evident major firms negotiate varied Google rates. Google stressed flexibility, offering rates based on developers’ needs and industry economics.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell, our adept news explorer. With a wealth of experiences, Sarah navigates the dynamic realm of current affairs with insight. Join her on an expedition through the news, where information is deciphered and stories are brought to light 🌐📰

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