Warrior Nun


Warrior Nun
Deliver us from evil.

Release Date: 2020-07-02
Original Language: English
User Score: 8.000/10 (1156 votes)
Popularity: 34.7
Genres: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Overview: After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo-Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns.

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A Review by MovieGuys
Written on 2020-07-12

Despite the rather mature levels of violence the scripting and tone of this series, places it firmly, in my view, in the teen demographic. I found much of the dialogue cringe worthy from an adult point of view. It's a little immature and unsurprisingly there's an inject of the woke nonsense, we see everywhere in Western entertainment. All of which is very much at odds, I would have thought with the rather ugly and often graphic violence, I came across in the first episode. Acting is passable, as is the storyline but if this was supposed to be accessible to older viewers, I really think this one well and truly misses the mark. 5/10.

A Review by Peter89Spencer
Written on 2020-07-27

She's a warrior. She's a nun. She's a warrior nun! This show was really good. But I can understand why there's been mixed reviews about this; parts of it made no sense. But...the last couple of episodes gets real good! A foreshadowing moment (I think) and a couple of jaw dropping twists! Hope they don't cancel this.

A Review by freshlondry
Written on 2022-11-14

Warrior Nun exceeded my expectations in a TV show. It’s entirely different and breaks tradition. It takes inspiration from the world of the original Warrior Nun comics from the 90s. I’ve never read them, but you don’t have to; it’s a completely different story. Sure, the title threw me off the first time I checked it out, as it might throw off anyone. However, I was so pleased with the result of it all. This is a unique story, one that really intrigued me and I enjoyed it at every turn. I think it’s really important to pay attention to the main character’s journey and self-discovery. I also love the development of not only the main character, but the rest as well. I couldn’t help but get attached to almost every one of them as they brought something special of their own to the show. The actors play their roles well and I applaud them constantly. The cast is diverse and their individual personality brings something great each time to the table. The storyline itself is complex but awesome and I think they do a great job giving you the lore and context of it all. There is a lot to dissect but they do it well. Not to mention, the show entails a lot of action, some comedy, good angst, and badass nuns fighting for what they believe is good. Although this entails religion and the Catholic church, and might not be everyone’s cup of tea at first, I saw someone put perfectly that it’s more about these women fighting for their faith, and learning to question a little tradition, rather than fighting for the institution or powerful figures themselves. Season 2 just came out and I have to say that it was PHENOMENAL. They turned up the action and the storyline and additional development of each character, even new ones. It left me on the edge of my seat every episode. If you like character development, amazing action (that the actors did 80% of themselves I believe), then this is for you. The actors truly and I mean truly gave it their all this season and they deserve all the recognition. The director and additional writers know how to write a show and the results of Warrior Nun give us that. I could go on and on if you couldn’t tell. So please give Warrior Nun a try because it might surprise you. They deserve a renewal for Season 3 so show this amazing group of people some love!

A Review by KatCares
Written on 2022-11-14

I watched season 1 when I came out and have just finished season 2. Such a phenomenal concept with excellent world building. Season 2 is action packed and fast paced. It has such beautiful arcs for the characters and lovely representation. Highly recommend the show. Hoping Netflix renews it.

A Review by username33
Written on 2022-11-14

What an amazing show! Definitely recommend.Ive been waiting for season 2 to drop and honestly it's even better than the first one.The filming,the acting the storyline everything seems just right! It deserves another season or two !

A Review by bwhaiz
Written on 2022-11-20

> I'm enchanted by the warrior nuns, in the first season I was interested in the series because it had fight scenes and women, but in the second season I completely surrendered. The photography, the fight scenes, the story being well constructed and with a light humor, totally sensational. Recommend 1000 times

A Review by beatriceIsAbadass
Written on 2022-11-20

Sexy nuns with guns. There is no more to say, the show is amaizing!! And you better go and watch it now!

A Review by MCeCeR
Written on 2022-11-21

While season 1 takes its time to build the world we're delving into, season 2 throws us straight into the action of the aftermath of where we were left off. The writing paired with the beautiful imagery makes for an amazing watch. The actors have amazingly unbridled chemistry with each other and it jumps off the screen. Definitely one of the best and well-written shows to grace our screens.

A Review by HopeAvatrice
Written on 2022-11-21

This serie is a little gem of Netflix, has a really good plot through the story itself and by each character's background that's explored through the seasons, its a parallel between religion and science that we actually have in real life but delves into a drama sci-fi version very enjoyable and catch the eye of more than one viewer, so tightly recommended

A Review by lio3000
Written on 2022-11-21

I started watching the series in 2020. Season 1 was slow in the beginning but got really good in the last few episodes 👌🏼 Season 2 is totally different. It isn't slow at any point, the story flows through the storyline and it has a lot more badass fightscenes then Season 1. The love story is just heart wrenching and doesn't seem forced. The series has a great wlw and bi representation. Season 2 made it to one of my favourite Netflix series. 10/10

A Review by frankjess00
Written on 2022-12-03

This show is so unexpected from netflix. It's high quality Cgi and fight sequences made you feel liek you're watching a marvel movie. The plot and characters are all written so well and made you fall in love with each dynamic relationship. This is a must watch show.

A Review by MatchaT
Written on 2022-12-04

One of Netflix's **top-tier original shows** ever. I'm not even joking. Some may be turned off by the title, "Warrior Nun," but if you look past the title and actually start watching the show, you'll see why it is such a fantastic show overall (which deserves **ACTUAL** promo from Netflix; not just fan-based promo). The fighting sequences, character development, cinematography [shot in Spain], plot, memorable scenes/lines, and the best sapphic relationship development in media honestly should be the reasons why you should give "Warrior Nun" a chance if you haven't yet. The first half of Season 1 may seem slow to some but if you stick with it, it progressively gets better and you'll appreciate the whole show. You're in for a ride in Season 2!

A Review by themisslez
Written on 2022-12-04

It's rare that a show manages to improve in its second season, but Warrior Nun did this and so much more. With an entertaining storyline, awesome fights and cinematography, and appropriate time given to all of its characters, Warrior Nun makes for an intriguing and compelling journey. The slow-burn romance is so beautifully done and is just an added bonus that accompanies the story without taking anything away from it. While some may find the pacing of the first episodes slow, they are crucial for the world-building, and when the pace picks up you'll see that it was worth the wait. All in all, Warrior Nun feels like a puzzle, and each season has provided a few of the pieces, but we still have more to explore to get the full picture. Hopefully, we'll have many more seasons, this masterpiece deserves them all! P.s. Season 1 is even better when rewatched knowing what we do by the end of season 2. Many details ignored before can be acknowledged and will make you realize how everything is truly and well planned 🙂

A Review by warriornun
Written on 2022-12-05

THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!! The cinematography, the locations, the characters and the fight scenes. All about the show is amazing!! Give it a chance and you will not regret it.

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