Tom Hardy Teases ‘Venom 3’ as Script’s First Draft Is Ready

venom 3


Tom Hardy, star of Sony’s successful Venom franchise, confirmed the progress of the third installment by sharing the cover page of the script for “Venom 3” on Instagram. While the title remains undisclosed, the image features a black box with a hand-drawn Symbiote sticking out its tongue, sparking fan speculation about a potential crossover with Spider-Man.

Hardy revealed that he would once again collaborate with writer Kelly Marcel for the story, with Marcel penning the screenplay.The duo previously worked on “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” which garnered global success, earning $502 million amid the pandemic. The first Venom film, despite mixed reviews, led to the franchise’s expansion and the introduction of Spider-Man villains in other upcoming films. “Venom 3” does not have a confirmed release date, but its development hints at the continued success of Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

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